Signing a McKinsey offer with Ken

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Among the many McKinsey coaches, I am one of very very few coaches on PrepLounge who was an actual McKinsey final round interviewer. Why not work with a coach who actually has the experience of making the final decision with partners on whether to extend a McKinsey offer or not?

This coaching package and my approach is about covering the basics (both case and personal fit) in the least amount of time to ensure you have done all the preparation possible to come out with a McKinsey offer to sign! The trick is to focus on making sure you meet the bar in each key element of the selection criteria across the case and PEI and to also ensure you are able to show your distinctive strengths that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Session 1: Diagnostic and preparation plan
+ You've already done lots of case preparation already and starting to wonder what else you can do... We will run through an actual McKinsey first round case (my suggestion is usually to go with a standard profitability or market entry case) so that you can get detailed feedback and further preparation suggestions based on each of the three sections of a McKinsey case (i.e., structuring, conceptual and quantitative)

Session 2: New case type

+ My typical advice is to be familiar with three types of cases for McKinsey: (i) Profitability, (ii) Market Entry, and (iii) Operations/non-financial, which broadly covers the majority of cases you will likely encounter. The second session is to test the versatility of the three sections of a McKinsey case with a new case type

Session 3: Personal fit session
+ Acing the case alone will not secure an offer with McKinsey where the PEI carries equal weight... Good news is that you can be fully prepared! We will go through 2 of your stories (I usually suggest personal impact and/or inclusive leadership which are two most common in first round), where I will help select the best story from your experiences, refine each story to ensure they are impactful, and give you feedback around how you can communicate them more effectively

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June 02, 2021 by Vatshalan

Excellent insights and actionable feedback for the last mile of preparation. Ken clearly has a McKinsey interviewer approach and is laser-sharp in his recommendations.

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replied on June 29, 2021
Thanks Vatshalan! Congratulations with your multiple MBB offers. Very well deserved and I'm glad all your hard work paid off.
August 07, 2021 by M

I had 1 session so far and Ken gave me very sharp and precise feedback on how I can improve my case performance. Looking forward to the next couple of sessions that I've booked with him!

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