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Master the Skills to Get a Top Consulting Offer from the #1 Coach for Expert Sessions and Make your Dream Career Come True

●   Do you want to land an offer from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, or any other top consulting company?

●   Do you want to work on proven techniques without wasting time?

●   Do you want to get access to the information that just the top insiders have?

●   Have you read the standard books and methods, and you still didn’t manage to get offers?

●   Do you want to know the exact reasons why only 1% of the candidates get an offer from top consulting companies?


Are you looking for a program that:

●   Shares the ultimate way to structure any question you may get in a case interview?

●   Reveals the exact answers to fit questions that only insiders know?

●   Tells you the proven words to impress your interviewers in every step of the process?


After 3.700+ sessions, 8 certified years of coaching (you can check the 1st review date) and hundreds of people landing into MBB, I am ready to offer you the ultimate program to achieve all of this and more – the GYM Program. You will discover the secrets to master every step of the interview process.

The GYM - Getting You into Management consulting - covers all the key areas of a case interview.

Like a great fitness coach, it will offer you the right material and a step-by-step plan so that you can get the greatest benefit on the time spent preparing and land the maximum results out of your effort.

You won’t get just a bundle of 5 sessions. I will share with you my contacts and you can write me at any time if you have any questions, free of charge (I will reply within 12 hours via chat). If you join the program, we are in this together. We won’t stop until you get the offer you want.

This program is for you if you are targeting one of the following companies: McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger, Strategy&, Kearney, Monitor Deloitte, ZS Associates, Simon-Kucher, Delta Partners, ADL, EY-Parthenon, KPMG, Dalberg, IQVIA, Accenture Strategy, Booz Allen and LEK.

This program is not for you if you are targeting other companies. I only coach people targeting companies I helped to secure offers from. I want you to be totally sure the results are there.

After the GYM, 83% of the candidates I coach move to the next round or get the offer, depending on what’s next. It’s not a round number, as I count every single candidate and regularly update it. You can check above 1.300+ reviews with 100% recommendation rate that confirm that.

This is NOT a program that works for one single company only. You will be able to leverage what we will cover in ALL your interviews, regardless of whether it is McKinsey, BCG, Bain, or any other.

Below you can find 92 recent success stories that show that:




Whether you are an undergrad, MBA, PhD or experienced hire, if you have an interview with MBB or any of the companies above, the GYM will offer you the best possible preparation in the market today.

It works for every experience level - whether you have done 2 or 200+ cases, you can be sure to find value in the GYM program.

During the sessions, you will receive for FREE the following course material:


►   49 most common fit questions in consulting interviews

►   25 business cases and 12 market sizing questions to practice on your own before the second and fourth session

►   9 frameworks to instantly crack 90%+ of business cases (plus the tools to structure the remaining 10%)

►   4 frameworks to instantly crack 90%+ of market sizing cases (plus the tools to structure the remaining 10%)

►   5 written feedbacks of the sessions, with your mistakes and the specific steps to avoid them


Plus, as extra bonus, you will get access for FREE to the following material I created ;). For some of them, the GYM is the only way to get access.


►   142-page BCG Online Case Secrets Guide to crack every question of the BCG Chatbot Case

►   137-page McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets Guide to crack every scenario of the McKinsey Problem Solving Game

►   15-video Imbellus Solve Combo to watch how to create a chain in 16 minutes and resist 25+ turns in the Plant Defense game

►   46-page BCG Potential Test to crack every question of the BCG Test and get great practice for the new Online Case

►   43-page Consulting Industry Cheat Sheet Guide to get the essential knowledge of the main sectors in consulting

►   31-page PEI Cheat Sheet Guide to learn how to answer perfectly any questions related to the 3 McKinsey dimensions

►   31-page Graph Analysis Cheat Sheet Guide to learn the must-know process to analyze any graph

►   20-page Fit Interview Cheat Sheet Guide to get the key structures and answers for the most common fit questions different from the PEI

►   3-month access to previous MBB questions for your target office, out of a 700+ questions DB. These are not Glassdoor questions, but real questions that my previous mentees shared - you won't find them anywhere online;)


And here is what we will cover in detail.


✓ SESSION 1: Full Mock Interview - PEI/Fit + Case                                                                                                                                                  

This will help you to correct 40-50% of your current mistakes in communication and structuring for a specific case.

In this session we will cover the following and more:


● The 2 mistakes 80% of people do at the beginning of the case

● Why people formulate hypotheses in the wrong way and how to fix it       

● The 3 key steps to approach a graph

● The mistake experienced candidates do when approaching a math question

● The ultimate way to communicate a structure, so that it always fits the prompt


After the session, our next step will be to have you covered for all the frequent types of cases.

This session will last until you have received a complete feedback and all your questions are satisfied.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

✓ SESSION 2: Case Structuring - Part 1                                                                                                                                                  

Do you feel you don't know how to structure operations or public sector cases? You are not alone. Many candidates struggle with that.

That’s because the approaches of Cheng or Cosentino don't work for these cases.

After the first class, we will move to the next level. Before the class, you will receive a set of questions to structure in advance.

We will then cover 3+ different mini-case types, out of those you found more challenging, and see how you can master them.

What we will see is far more effective than Case in Point or Case Interview Secrets. I optimized it based on thousands of interviews and it is NOT based on generic frameworks that everyone knows.

In this session we will cover the following and more:


●   Selection of the most challenging questions out of 25 prompts

●   The right way to structure at least 3 types of cases

●   Review of the typical 3 mistakes in communication candidates make

●   Solution drills: the key drivers to impress the interviewer


The type of cases will depend on your performance with the homework.

This session will last until we have covered at least 3 different mini-cases.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

✓ SESSION 3: Case Structuring - Part 2                                                                          ​                                                                        

During this class we will complete the remaining common cases, working on 4+ mini-cases.

In this session we will cover the following and more:


●   Review of the challenging questions remaining from your homework

●   At least 4 main types of case structure

●   How to identify possible solutions

●   Fine-tuning on your communication


The type of cases will depend on your performance with the homework.

Once completed the session, you will know how to instantly crack 90%+ of all the possible business cases, and have the tools to crack the other 10% as well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

✓ SESSION 4: Market Sizing                                                                          ​                                                                        

Do you get stuck if you get a question like "How long did it take to build the Great Wall of China?"

What about "I am the Roman emperor and you are my general. How many soldiers do I need to conquer Great Britain?"

You can get questions like these in your final round, where cases are less structured - I actually got both questions myself in my finals.

That's why we will dedicate a full section to cover market sizing and how to avoid common mistakes (a common one is to say that your estimate is based on your experience – one of the typical no-no in market sizing).

Don't trust those that say market sizing is not predictable: there are 4 types of market sizing structures (and no, they are not the ones listed in Case in Point) and you should know all of them to be sure you have solid knowledge on this part of the interview.

In this session we will cover the following and more:


●   The 4 main types of market sizing you won’t find in any other book or guide

●   The one thing that impress interviewers the most in market sizing

●   The key numbers you need to know to avoid surprises in market sizing

●   Practical examples for each type of market sizing with solutions


Once completed the session, you will know how to instantly crack 90%+ of all the possible market sizing, and have the tools to crack the other 10% as well.


If you are preparing for McKinsey, if you prefer we can do a full session on the PEI (all 3 dimensions) instead of market sizing, given it is not that common for that firm. Please have a look at the GYM Program Plus under my description or drop me a message to check what we may cover for it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

✓ SESSION 5: Full Mock Interview - PEI/Fit + Case                                                                          ​                                                                        

In the last session we will cover a full case applying the knowledge of the previous 4 sessions, working either on:


●   A qualitative case + Complex market sizing, or

●   A quantitative case

●   If applicable: review of real questions of your target office (I have a database of 700+ real questions asked)


This will be a final round format, thus with more fit focus and pressure.

You can change this session with one completely dedicated to the PEI/fit, if you prefer so.


I structured the 5 sessions of the GYM so that you can maximize your performance in case interviews. However, the program is flexible and can be personalized in case you want to cover other areas - for example if you want a full session on the PEI (which we will cover anyway in sessions 1 and 5).

Say you are interested in any of the following:


●   Specific PEI/fit questions

●   CV and Cover review

●   MBB referrals

●   Unusual cases


We can then change one of the 5 sessions with that. You can review the GYM Program Plus under my description or PM me for a full list of the options.

The 5 sessions together have a value of €2.545/$2.745, not including the material above, which I normally price at €550/$650, for a grand total of €3.095/$3.395.

I am offering now the GYM Program at the discounted rate of €1.969/$2.099, with all the material for free, thus with a 36% discount.

I can manage a limited number of GYM Programs per month, thus I would have to confirm in advance the availability for the program for the period interesting for you. Please PM me for that.

If you are interested in more sessions, I also offer 1 only GYM Program Plus per month with 10 sessions at 49% discount. Please check my profile description or PM me for more information.

We can do the sessions in English. O se preferisci in Italiano. O también podemos hacer clases en español, como prefieres.

Feel free to contact me for any additional questions, I guarantee a reply in 12h. 


Would you like to do the full GYM Program at €1.299/$1.399 only (plus all the included material for free)

Bring a friend doing the coaching with you (2 people per class) and we can schedule the full 5 sessions at that rate per person

I can do one GYM Program only with this format per month, please PM me if you are interested to check availability.


After this program, you will know exactly what to expect in your interview, what to work on, and how to focus on the real differentiator to land a top consulting offer and start the career you dream of.

This program has every piece of information you need to master your preparation and lead you step-by-step to your desired offer.

Stop wasting time with outdated and unproven methods. Discover today the best and fastest way to land the job you want in consulting.

Buy now the GYM Program and start your journey to your dream career!                                                                        ​                                                                        

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June 04, 2021 by Lucio

UPDATE: Got offers from McKinsey and BCG in North America!
If you'd like more information about the GYM program from the perspective of someone who took it, feel free to contact me at
I would highly recommend the GYM program. I found it a very comprehensive and thorough training program. Comparing to other coaches, I think Francesco is able to give very specific, very actionable feedback. There were several suggestions that changed my perspective on how to tackle some parts of cases or fit part of the interview.
The program is also highly customizable and easy to extend if you want to do a little more (I did for example an extra session on "Unusual Cases").

3 users found this review helpful.
April 22, 2021 by Anonymous

I will say this upfront so people short on time can see this right away: the GYM program is absolutely amazing. I successfully received an offer from McKinsey's Greater China Office, and I attribute a large part of my current success to my sessions with Francesco.
My candidate profile might not be a typical one—if there can really such a thing as a typical candidate profile in consulting. What I mean is that I am an English major with very little training in business or anything else adjacent. My communication is decent, but everything else I basically had to start from scratch.
Francesco was very patient with me during our sessions, carefully explaining his structures but also the underlying logic behind them so I can customize if need be. To enhance my business skills and knowledge in general, he helpfully provided cheat sheets that he made himself. The one I found most valuable for me was the industry overview one where he basically went over 20+ industries in one ppt. When it came to cases, Francesco’s structures are unique as they are robust. They are truly nothing like the ones you can find on the internet, nor like the ones you find in Cheng or Consentino or the bschool casebooks. In the first-round interview, they helped me catch something very minute that I would’ve most definitely missed otherwise.
Another aspect of his sessions I found truly indispensable is the grading system that he uses to grade case performance. I believe people who are considering this program right now all know about just how good a quantifiable result is ?, and this is something Francesco offers, with different areas of breakdown for things like structuring, communication, math etc. I would highly recommend going through this rubric with him at the end of every single session, as it personally helped me pinpoint where my weaknesses were, and exactly what I had to do to fix them.
I recommend GYM wholeheartedly without reserve. I was lucky to have Francesco in my corner during my interview prep, and I think his services would benefit anyone who is looking to up their chances significantly with their interviews.

3 users found this review helpful.
September 13, 2021 by Anonymous

Update: I finished the program and received an offer from McK, still pending BCG final round. I found Francesco's BCG online case practice materials to be really helpful, especially given it's such a new process that there's virtually no reliable information out there.
I have had four out of five sessions of the GYM program, fairly close to my MBB interviews. I do recommend it for both the structured approach and the content. I also recommend getting started early as you can for the following reasons:
- the frameworks, industry cheat sheets, various supplemental materials are awesome, structured and very helpful if you feel at times unsure how to proceed. I'll give an example. The good old profit tree that everyone knows. I was starting to realize any profitability case worth its weight in gold as an MBB case has got to have a twist, and most of the time is some kind of mix issue. But I hadn't figured out how to build Mix reliably into the framework every time. When Francesco showed me his version of profitability framework it was clear that I found the answer I had been searching for. Can't share what is it but the first layer is not revenue and cost :)
The great content does take time to internalize, so getting in earlier is better, and you will be able to space out the five sessions and allow yourself time in between sessions to digest the content.

- Francesco's coaching is great with detailed written feedback and prioritized takeaways. He holds students to rather high standards. This is very helpful. He has thoroughly thought through the fundamentals to cover in case and fit prep, and offers a more systematic approach than other coaches. I feel with GYM the final stretch of prep became better scoped. The alternative was to cover as much territory as possible by running and reading cases, scouring the internet for fit questions, always wondering what else I am missing. It's stressful, and potentially not very productive.
With many coaches who don't have a course-based approach to coaching, the sessions tend to be fit+case+debrief. It's helpful but ad hoc in nature. All you hope for is that you hit the right fit question or case that identifies a blind spot or hits on an area of improvement.

- the classes are flexible, customized and Francesco definitely hears you out. I suggest thinking ahead of time about you're trying to get out of it, what casing component or fit questions need the most work, and use the time on what's most important to you. And definitely take the time to do the homework, yes there's a bit of homework if you want to maximize what you get out of the sessions.

2 users found this review helpful.
July 12, 2021 by Anonymous

I've purchased a 5-session coaching package from Francesco after careful consideration, as we all know that is quite a bit of investment. Turns out that it is so worth it!!!
In the first session, we did a mock interview. After that, Francesco provided me with very detailed feedback and practical tips to move forward. He is very patient and professional to explain everything clearly, with example sentences even. We spent almost two hours when a session should actually be around an hour. I am very thankful for his help and dedication. At the end, he shared with me a lot of valuable resources. The graph analysis cheat sheet and fit questions are super helpful.
Structuring good frameworks is my weakness and Francesco knows exactly how to tackle that. He gave me homework to draft frameworks to 25 cases. Instead of trying to sell me more sessions to go through some cases, he chose this most efficient and effective way which is to use 2 sessions to go through various structures so that we could finish everything within the 5-session package I’ve purchased. I love his frameworks. They are so concise and easy to use, which is something I could not find in case books or online.
Thank you so much Francesco. I’m so looking forward to our remaining 3 sessions.

2 users found this review helpful.
February 01, 2021 by Anonymous

I have recently completed the GYM PLUS programme with Francesco, and I have to say that it was TRANSFORMATIVE and WORTH EVERY PENNY. Before reaching out to Francesco, I had already done extensive preparation (~50 live cases as the interviewee, online courses, etc.) but my weaknesses were many: I still struggled at properly structuring my approach for certain case types and navigating the case, my fit performance left a lot to be desired, and I suffered from interview nerves. I ultimately got rejected in the second round with a boutique. My sessions with Francesco were absolutely amazing for the following reasons:

(1) Francesco's 2 'structuring' sessions and the 'unusual cases' session completely transformed the way I think about problems. Now, cases become extremely clear and intuitive for me (no matter how complex they may initially seem)

(2) The mock sessions are specifically tailored to highlight any weaknesses you have and to completely clean out your mistakes. Francesco ends every session by sending you a 2-3 page word doc detailing everything you did right and wrong in the case, and his feedback extends to all facets of your performance, including your verbal and non-verbal communication. The first mock highlights most of your mistakes, but subsequent sessions are still incredibly valuable as Francesco expertly pick cases with twists and nuances so you will still have a lot to learn.

(3) Francesco's market sizing session is unlike anything I have seen. I had previously thought that market sizing was my greatest strength, but Francesco taught me a more rigorous way of approaching such questions. This new way of thinking about market sizing problems will undoubtedly be very useful in final rounds where cases become more unstructured.

(4) Having done 3,200 sessions on PrepLounge, Francesco has likely heard thousands of stories and know how best to tidy up your fit answers. I had 2 fit sessions with Francesco, one focused on PEI-type questions and another focused on 'motivational' and 'ice breaker' questions. During the PEI session, Francesco helped me restructure several of my stories while polishing up the others. They are now much more intriguing then they ever were.

(5) Francesco goes above and beyond to make sure you succeed in your goal. His sessions regularly go above the 1-hour mark to make sure that he gives you detailed feedback and answer all your questions. He is also always available outside of sessions to answer any questions you may have, and to provide you with any additional materials you may need (be it practice tests or questions from your target office).

Overall, sessions with Francesco are absolutely worth it, and he will maximise your chances of getting an offer at your dream firm. I have upcoming interviews with one of the MBB and I am now very confident that I will make it through.

2 users found this review helpful.