Crack the McKinsey PST - by Riccardo

  • PST with 26 Questions
  • Created by Ex-MBB Consultant Riccardo
  • Industries: Beverage, Tourism, Pharma

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For over 6 years, we have helped tens of thousands of students and graduates to successfully start their consulting career. During our mission, we always work on improving our offers and material for your case interview preparation. This is why, based on our insights and experience, we designed challenging PSTs that are perfectly structured and up-to-date in order to optimize your PST performance. The additional support of our expert network of over 200 former consultants with more than 1,200 years of work experience and over 4,000 case interview coachings in total allows us to ensure the quality of our prep material.

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Get a real test experience with our PSTs that are developed by former McKinsey consultants.

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About the author of the test


Prep4Success Expert

Ex-Bain | 8+ years MBB / Big4 Recruiter & Senior Interview Coach | Advanced Case/Fit Prep | MBA / Expert tracks

  • Bain & Company, Unicredit Bank, KPMG, Tetra Pak, IBM
  • English, French, Italian, Spanish
  • United Kingdom

Former MBB Consultant, Recruiter and Senior Interview Coach

Riccardo is a former MBB consultant with 8+ years of experience in recruiting and coaching candidates up to partner level for top consulting firms worldwide, including MBB and Big 4. He has successfully supported hundreds of candidates in landing their dream job in consulting.

Riccardo runs company-specific consulting interview preparation programs across different career platforms and leading business schools in America, Europe and Asia. Thanks to his network and collaboration within the consulting and executive search industries, Riccardo provides candidates with the most up-to-date interview preparation requirements and techniques.

He is also the author of recruiting and interview preparation material, such as case study books, analytical tests and PSTs. Riccardo currently serves as a senior executive within the Food & Beverage sector after having matured experience across a wide range of industries.