P2P Lending in Europe - Market Overview

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In this particular project we have no specific client to serve, but a specific partner. One of your firm's partners is doing a presentation on Peer-2-Peer lending at a Fintech (Financial Technology) congress in London. The partner is the firm's expert on matters of finance & banking.

However, since the partner has no time to put together data and information on P2P he asked you to assist him in the process by doing the groundwork for him. This means that you will have to look into and research P2P technology to come up with a market overview. The overview needs to include an explanation of P2P, data on P2P size, total volume & transactions, comparison per country in Europe, market share etc. Basically a complete overview from A to Z that would allow a newbie on P2P to acquire the majority of know-how on P2P.

In this project you will learn a number of things. First, you will become quite an expert on P2P lending as you conduct the research. You will also learn how to break down research initiatives such as these since we typically have a fixed structure for it. And you will learn how to research, analyze and create your presentation at the same time.

As always we have done the research for you, but we will ask you to start from zero first and do the research yourself to see what you can come up with before moving into the explanatory videos.

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