Market Entry Strategy for SEA Bank - Strategy Development

Market Entry Strategy for SEA Bank - Strategy Development Experience the real job as a consultant by working on simulated projects and get the best preparation for your dream job in consulting!
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Our client is a South-East Asia bank based in Bangkok, Thailand. The bank is called TAB and is one of the three largest consumer banks in Thailand. The bank is currently developing a new 5-year master strategy to define its future path. As part of that masterplan, the Head of Retail is looking at the expat/retiree segment as a potentially untapped segment. Thailand has a large number of expats and retirees working there so he thinks that this segment could be something interesting for the Bank's Retail division.

If the segment is attractive, the bank will most likely enter the market with tailored products towards the foreigners living and working in Thailand. However, due to the lack of internal capacity, the Head of Retail has hired our firm to conduct a market study to assess whether the market is attractive enough. If so, we are required to develop a first version market entry strategy on how to tackle this. The outcomes of this study will be used in meetings with the Bank's CEO & President and the Board of Directors.

Our entire project consists of two deliverables:
A) We need to conduct a customer & product analysis to assess how attractive the segment is.
B) We need to develop a first version market entry strategy to tap into the segment.

The project simulation is quite extensive and covers all aspects of a real life engagement. This particular project took 3 months to complete in real execution, but it will take much less time for us of course.
The project simulation has two parts. In the first part we will work on Deliverable A and in the second part we will tackle Deliverable B

During this part we will focus on developing the strategy. Instead of showing you how this is done one step at a time, we will focus more on letting you do the work first. So you go first and then you can go through the step-by-step guidance & explanation.

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