Growth Strategy for Rabobank - Customer Analysis

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Rabobank is an international bank based in the Netherlands which has the strong ambition to become number one in the country. They are looking to attain market leadership and hired our firm to tell them how to do it. Our job is to come up with a first version of the growth strategy for Rabobank Netherlands to achieve this goal. This means that they need to grow their customer base by a few millions by 2020.

As part of our work we will be conducting a customer and a product analysis. In a first part we will work on our customer analysis and in the second part we will conduct a product analysis. The data used in this project simulation is 80% real and 20% developed inhouse by us. You will need to complete this part before moving on to the second part. However, you can also choose to work on this part only.

During the project simulation we will create our approach for the customer analysis to figure out what customer segments the bank should focus on to realize the ambitious growth. Once we complete our analysis we will have to create a presentation where we outline our findings. So you are working on every aspect of an typical analyst job.

At the end of this project simulation you will have a good understanding of how to develop a growth strategy using a top-down approach. You will learn how to structure an analysis and how to create compelling insights from the data we provided you with. Finally, you will learn how to transform or convert your findings and analysis into a client presentation.

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