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My approach

Do you still get caught off-guard with “how much is a dinosaur worth?” or “how long did it take to build the Great Pyramids?”
Still can’t successfully respond to "what is your biggest flaw?" or “why shouldn't I hire you?”

Together, we can work through the method that taught me how to answer those questions and took me to final rounds with McKinsey, OC&C and A.T. Kearney before choosing an offer from the latter.

Our coaching sessions consist of: 
1) What are and how to avoid the most common mistakes candidates make in case interviews
2) How to answer tricky fit questions in a succinct and structured manner
3) How to nail group case interviews

he sessions are structured in three blocks and typically last from 1-1h30 hours:
1) Breaking the ice with personal presentation
2) Detailed Case Interview: Cases inspired out of actual engagements I worked on or out of actual recruiting process cases I’ve seen in my career; On-the-go coaching, with live comments
3) Feedback / coaching session: Development needs identification and action plan to address such needs; Sharing of useful materials (i.e. books, articles, websites, etc.); Q&A session

Joining a top consulting firm is an opportunity most people get only once in their lives. Make the best of your chance and don’t let it go to waste! Please feel free reach out for any doubts you may have. Also, refer to the Ratings tab in my Expert Profile for reviews written by my students about our sessions.

Best regards, Paulo


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A.T. Kearney
Sr. Business Analyst
2016 - now
A.T. Kearney
Sr. Business Analyst
2014 - now
Cielo S.A.
2012 - 2014


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