Expert coach| Ex-Bain| >5 years of coaching | Former On campus recruiting representative for Bain SEA
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Networking and referrals
Bain round 1 & 2 interviews (including written cases)
Interview for success (landing cross offers)

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My Approach
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Coaching for success
Our session will be customized to your goals. Your success is my success. Nothing brings me more joy than to see you land your dream job.
As a former Senior manager at Bain, who has conducted many interviews and who was also an On-campus recruiting representative, I have aided multiple individuals in their recruiting journey, and have developed a playbook for acing the case interview.

I will leverage my years of coaching experience and share BDPs, to help you succeed and achieve your goals

Full 360 coaching
Most coaches only focus on the case component of the interview, which is only a part of the recruiting process. There are many other components that are critical to landing your dream job (i.e. crafting the perfect CV, networking & referrals, acing the fit interview, articulation & presentation of case answer, evaluating cross offers etc.)  I believe in utilizing a comprehensive 360 approach, so you can ace the recruiting process from start to end, and land your dream consulting job 

Actual case experience
Most mock interviews, put into play theoretical frameworks, with the aim of simply ‘finding the answer’. Any one who has undergone an actual case interview, knows that this is far from what is required to succeed. All my sessions are conducted to emulate an actual case experience, preparing you with the right skill set to crack any case that comes your way.


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