Certified McKinsey interviewer with dozens of interviews conducted | Capable of teaching both structure and creativity
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If you are unsure about how a coach can help you, I offer free 15 min sessions to have a joint look at your applications and to discuss your goals and areas for improvement together.

Why choose me

  • I worked at McKinsey in the United States for two years (2019-2021)
  • I was a certified interviewer with McKinsey and conducted dozens of interviews for the Firm
  • I know the recruiting process for McKinsey in the U.S. for both experienced and campus hire BAs

What makes me unique

  • I love working with people to help them achieve their goal of working at McKinsey
  • I am easily reachable through Preplounge / Linkedin / Text throughout your preparation process

What I can do for you

  • I will give you all the tools you need to master case structuring
  • I can share a the most common personal fit questions asked during consulting interviews and prepare what makes a great answer

What a coaching session will look like

  • During a single session, we can cover aspects of both Personal Fit and Casing, depending on your preparation needs
  • Our sessions will last as long as needed and all of your questions are answered
  • You will receive a written feedback (encouraging but honest) on your performance of Fit, Case and communication with detailed guides on what and how to improve (incl. some resources to iterate your weaknesses)


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