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I have been working with Industry and consulting firms for quite some time for over 10 years. I was interviewed with MBB, Tier 2 (Strategy&, Kearney) and Big 4 consulting firms (Deloitte, KPMG, PwC) multiple times. However, I choose to stay with Accenture Strategy as I prefer a work-life balance which I know I will not get in MBB. I have reviewed resumes and interviewed numerous candidates during my stint in consulting firms.

First and foremost, a candidate needs to have a pitch-perfect resume after reading which the firms should get a feeling that joining this firm is a logical career path for the candidate. How to do that? Feel free to reach out.

The next hurdle is cracking the case interviews. I will teach you the bottom-up approach of solving cases and how you should THINK. I have developed my own approach of solving cases and neither followed anybody's approach nor typical framework. Interviewers really appreciate it if you can come up with your own idea/framework to solve the problem. With my bullet-proof formula, you will be able to crack any case interviews. My approach will be flexible to candidates' thinking style and their aspiring firm. 

Having cracked multiple cases, having worked in the industry, I thoroughly understand not only the case-solving style but also the practical impact, on the business operations and the industry best practices. Once a candidate highlight solutions which are currently being implemented in the industry, the interviewer gets a feeling that you are one of them and that is very much important.

Happy to have a 45 min free demo session where we can discuss your aspirations and future roadmap.


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