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So you decided to go through the Consulting Recruiting Process: get the chance to be helped by someone who really knows what it means to be in your place and face your problems in learning how to crack a consulting interview (yes, there is much more than cracking the case!!!) The reason I exactly know how it feels to be you and I can truly help you is I just went through the recruiting process. I will share with you how I managed to land 6 offers out of 6 (at first trials) for positions at: - BCG Milan - Bain & Co Milan - L.E.K. London (from a non-target school) - A.T. Kearney Milan - Strategy& Milan - AlixPartners Milan Get the chance to gain a personalized and heartfelt attention from someone who has just gone through what you are trying to achieve and succeeded. Some Highlights of my teaching program: - Initial free 360-degree assessment to set YOUR priorities and maximize your chances - The Fit-Interview and its secrets - Focus on MINUTE DETAILS and BIG PICTURE of the proces (cracking the case vs. cracking the interview) Some highlight on the contents: - Cracking the case vs. cracking an interview: what really matters. - The method - Part 1 -Market Sizing: finally a categorization to crack them - The method - Part 2 - Case Categorization and Framework + What you can not categorize - The Fit interview: the most underestimated part of the Consulting recruiting process. Standing out beyond cracking the case is an invaluable way to get an offer - Being perceived as a colleague not as an applicant during the consulting interview. - Focus module on recruiting for Italian MBB and 2tier firms: what is different - Geographical Differences in Recruiting - why they matters, why you should take care of it - The good habits and the minute details which can make a difference between getting multiple offers and getting none. Risk Management applied to a consulting interview. - How to navigate the Business School Casebooks and the books on Cases (Case in Point, Victor Cheng...) I have no watches, I am not here to make money but to help you, because I really know what it feels to go through the process and I feel the need to share what I learnt. Contact me to set-up a free 360 assessment to start your preparation.


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