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Getting you into MBB if you accept my advice and demonstrate discipline (you will learn how to solve any problem in a repeatable, hypothesis- and data-driven way, not rely on memorizing frameworks)
Structured and empathetic coaching tailored to your current level and goals
Rigorous focus on identifying your development opportunities and mapping practical, hands-on solutions for you

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My Approach
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All cases we practice are real cases based on my own MBB case experience. I approach the sessions with outmost empathy, patience, and structure to maximize your potential in all key areas of interviews (case opening, structure / framework, hypothesis formulation, analysis, recommendation, fit questions, etc.). I only prepare for MBB level of difficulty.

I will train you to be able to solve any business problem using the right approach and methodology, customized roadmap, and solve it efficiently showing confidence, business acumen, and maturity.

I have passed interviews to get into some of the most competitive institutions in the business world using methods and techniques I am looking forward to sharing with you.

  • 4.5 years Bain & Company in Germany as Associate, Senior Associate, and Consultant with 25+ cases incl. PE, Banking, Insurance, Consumer, Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing
  • Incoming full-time Investment Banking Associate (post-MBA role) at Goldman Sachs New York City with a focus on M&A (most competitive Investment Banking position to get globally, ~1% acceptance rate) – turned down offers / declined final-round interviews with Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Lazard, Perella Weinberg, PJT, Moelis. Successfully completed Summer Internship at Goldman Sachs in Summer 2020
  • MBA Candidate at Chicago Booth School of Business (#1 in the US by Forbes, #1 globally by The Economist) – awarded $50K tuition scholarship, current MBB and Investment Banking Career Coach and Mock Interviewer for fellow Booth MBA students (40+ mock interviews)
  • B.Sc. International Business from EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht in Germany and B.Bus.Adm. Tongji University Shanghai – awarded full-tuition scholarship € 36K – turned down Fulbright Scholarship



  • Generally: I don't care about the classical 1hr time limit! Our sessions will last until you are satisfied with all your questions and have received personalized feedback and me teaching you the required concepts
  • First session: comprehensive diagnostics covering cases, market estimations, fit questions
  • All sessions:
    • Our sessions will last until all your questions are answered – no matter the time required. You will receive detailed written feedback and recommendations on how to improve after each session with specific ToDos and topics to work on
    • Full-blown mock interview, both candidate or interviewer led
    • How to best:
      • avoid typical mistakes
      • demonstrate required mind-set to solve any case and fit question
      • take notes / organize your writing
      • draft / present your framework / structure ensuring MECEness and using effective formulation of hypotheses
      • analyze / present charts, graphs, and other analyses
      • prepare and present fit questions (and what the questions really intend to ask)
      • show business sense and acumen
    • demonstrate confidence, maturity, effective communication
    • ensure repeatability and solid performance no matter the case



  • Please send me your CV / LinkedIn and cover letter if available
  • Work through a designated list of materials I have prepared so we make sure we hit the ground running and use our time to push your performance as much as possible



  • Expect replies in 6-12 hours
  • I will provide you with my personal cell phone number so you can contact me on WhatsApp for follow-up questions or last-minute doubts before your interviews – FREE OF CHARGE
  • I will - if you prefer so - give you additonal cases as homework that you can solve on your own and send me on WhatsApp. I provide feedback on those FREE OF CHARGE

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