Ex - McKinsey Consultant | McKinsey Internal Case Coach | Represented McKinsey to perform case interview speeches in campus
Shopee (Sea Group), McKinsey & Company, Uchef, denward
English, Mandarin
Taiwan, Republic of China (UTC +8)
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My Approach
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My approach is a whole package that will help you go through the process of landing an offer of Tier 1 consulting firms, and you can choose the modules you need to ahieve that. The process includes:

  • CV screening
  • PST test (McKinsey exclusive)
  • Personal experience interview (or fit interview)
  • Case interview

For CV screening

I'll go through your whole CV and discuss every words / experience you wrote on your CV, and dig into the details to make sure we find all the shining points and express them in precise sentenses.

For PST test

I'll design a schedule of 2 weeks with all the materials you'll need to pass the test, and conquer the painpoints you face in the process

For PEI / fit interview 

It'll be a smooth process after our "CV screening" session since all the great experience are discussed and shaped into dazzling stories already. Hence what I'll provide is a preparation plan for you to practice efficiently by your own or with your friends. (I'll answer all the questions you encounter, of course)

For case interview

I'll provide my own case flow / process / tips that were proven to be useful (besides myself, I also helped some students landed McKinsey offer with my guidence). Also I can point out your strength / areas of improvements by practicing cases with you.


That's what I can offer and trust me the structured guidence will lift up your skills to the next level and boost the chance of getting an offer of your dream job.


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