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Bain & Co / Specialize in under grad recruiting for Analyst/ Associate positions
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Interview preparation and mock interviews
Expertise in undergrad recruiting

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My Approach
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If you are currently in your undergraduate degree, its likely that you are approaching case studies a little bit wrong. Most of the matieral are out there are geared towards MBA applicants. I specialize in undergrad applicants and offer a simple yet very effective method that I will share with you:

  • Market sizing techniques
  • Math tricks to do every day
  • Case interview - real MBB cases
  • Fit interview - Let's talk about the culture differences between consulting firms and what to bring out in your interview to ensure the interviewer that you will be a good fit 
  • Industry knowledge and frameworks to train your business sense
  • General information about consulting in both the US and the UK and what you can expect on the job

About me

  • Personally led consulting interviews
  • helped more than 10 people in getting into TOP 5 consulting firms


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