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Case Interview Coaching (particularly MBB)
McKinsey PEI and Personal Fit Coaching
Case Interview Preparation and Planning (including mental preparation and readiness)

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Be an Interview Rockstar, fit prep matters more than you think

From conducting over 100+ interviews, I can attest to the fact that interviewers take no more than the first 5 -10 minutes to form a conclusion on you. This means fit prep absolutely trumps the case interview. 

To maximize your chance at success, my proven fit interview preparation (over 200 hours of coaching with 50+ students) will equip you to be an Interview Rockstar.

I specialize in McKinsey PEI preparation - reach out if you have a McKinsey interview lined up!

Targeted case preparation for McKinsey-BCG-Bain interview

I have given over 100 case interviews, I will be able to coach you to be 100% ready for your case interviews. 

I have received offers from both McKinsey and BCG and in both North America and Asia so I can help you navigate the subtle nuances from interviewing in these locations. 

Feel free to just reach out if you have any questions, I have been in your shoes before, so very happy to chat and connect with you !! 


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