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To strengthen your strength is necessary for consulting interviews, but it's by far more important not to fall into common traps during the whole application process! 

Based on 12+ years international work experience with most of the time in consulting, further Financial Services and the fastest growing FinTech of the world - and by far more important - 10 years experience as interviewer, I will teach you how to win the 2 crititical steps during your application process: 

1. Written application or how to get an interview invite:
- Preparing of your application (i.e. CV and cover letter) to prevent from not being selected because of not matching underlying selection criteria
- Joint analysis of how to best place your application within the company

2. Interview preparation or how to win your interviewer:
- Mock interview in order to analyse how convincing you already are (i.e. your self presentation, why you / why our company, "stress interview" situations)
- Joint case interviews to teach you the logic behing case studies
- How to navigate through the interview and how to best meet the interviewers expectations

To make it to taylored for you, it's most important to me to understand in the very first step, where you stand and what your expectations are! So get in touch with me - I'm very much looking forward to successfully bring you into consultancy!

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