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Are you considering applying to consulting jobs in the near future and want to ensure you're going about it the optimal way? Are you looking for both concrete and personalized case and behavioral interview feedback? Want a second set of eyes before submitting your resume/cover letter to MBB firms? Think of me as your interview personal trainer. I will:

  1. Help you build a deep understanding of what firms look for in the application and interview process
  2. Develop a plan to crush any consulting interview you land  
  3. Be your application and interview partner - giving you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, and providing concrete interviewing tips


Any combination of the below offerings are available based on your needs

  1. Diagnostic - A "preparedness" analysis based on targeted questions around # of cases completed and types, comfort level in behavioral and cases, goals (companies, geographies, deadlines, etc.) and more. From this, we can discuss ideal next steps and I can provide answers to questions, doubts, etc.
  2. Training Plan - A personalized plan for how to reach ready-state, working back from your deadline. This includes (but is not limited to):
    1. # of cases/week and types to target (incl. case material)
    2. Proven templates for managing progress, based on needs (case tracking template, behavioral preparation, application tracking, industry research template, etc.)
    3. Schedule of follow-up sessions (checkpoints, case/behavioral interviews, full interview simulation)
  3. Case/Behavioral Interview - one-off or package purchase of mock interviews based on identified gaps (e.g. math-heavy, financials, market-entry, etc.)

Why Me

Track record - I received offers from all three MBB companies and worked at one as an interviewer for several years. Furthermore, I reached this in just three months, starting from a base of absolutely 0 (casing knowledge, business knowledge, industry/market knowledge, etc.). I now also teach a consulting lab course at a top 50 university to prepare students for consulting interviews and jobs post-graduation.

Efficiency - I focus on the "how" not the "what. It's not about the hours you put in, but how you use those hours - I'll make sure you target the right areas in the right way. It's all about quality, not quantity - a principle I'll push in the way we work together and the way you prepare.

Both sides of the fence - I have been deeply involved in both interviewing and being interviewed. This lets me understand a) What they want and b) How you feel. When a and b meet, offers are made. This holds true with roles at internal and external corporate strategy firms.

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