Cesar Augusto Lunardi

Consultant at Bain & Co for 5 years ¦ INSEAD MBA
Nestle, World Food Programme, Bain & Company
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Switzerland (UTC +2)
$149 / hour
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Creative thinking
Communicating clearly and empathetically

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Cesar has been supporting consutling candidates since 2012, when he first co-lead his university`s cosulting club establishment.

After joining Bain & Company in 2013 for 5 years, Cesar has contiously supported candidates on preparation for Bain interviews initerruptly. More recently, he has supported his INSEAD MBA colleages (2019) getting offers for Connsulting positions at McKinsey, Bain and BCG. During this last year, Cesar has again landing consulting offers from offices in Singapore, London and South America.

Cesar is able to provide guidance mainly in Portuguese, English and Spanish through a tailored approach to candidates, based on their current performance and their recruiting goals. 

My sessions are not limited to 1 hour or time constraint.


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