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The Case Cracker Program
  • 4 case sessions + 1 fit
  • Covering all key case types
  • Additional offline materials
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  • Send Emily your CV beforehand
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I am an ex-BCG Project Leader in Singapore office. Before BCG I worked int the industry, so I was a career switcher and went through the process of case preparation during my MBA time before landing on multiple full time consulting offers. Over the 3+ years in BCG I was one of the BCG Southeast Asia recruiting interviewers and I interviewed many candidates. Having been on both sides of the table, I can relate deeply to the candidate and at the same time provide perspectives and feedback from the interviewer's standpoint. 

I believe in the following principles when preparing for case interview. And these represent how I would help you succeed in landing your consulting offers. 

Principle 1: QUALITY is the key of case preparation, not the quantity. Get the most out of each mock/coaching session. It is not just that 30 minutes you sit across someone to solve a problem on paper. It is more than that! It is about systematically going through what you did well, what you missed, and what you would do differently the next time, after the 30 mins. 

Principle 2: LESS IS MORE when it comes to framework. A long list of frameworks could make you busy fitting the case to a framework, instead of actually solving the case using structure as a tool. You only need 4-5 frameworks for reference. But you should be able to dissect and re-assemble the components of the different frameworks, according to the data given and discovered, as you go deeper in a case. My goal would be to train you to be very familiar and flexible in coming up with the most suitable structure for individual business situation.

Principle 3: BE CLIENT FRIENDLY. Be nice. Sounds obvious, right? In action, there are many small tips that you can make your interviewer feel a lot more engaged and be on your side. Small things can make differences too.

I don't have a fix series of coaching session, since each and every one of you would likely be at different stage in preparation and thus would have different needs. I would chat with you before the actual coaching session to assess your needs (this is free of charge) and then customise the coaching for you.

Beyond coaching sessions, I am happy to guide candidates on other consulting related topics as well. Feel free to ping me, be it you need another pair of eyes to look at your resume (I screened thousands of CVs in BCG), or you would like to get to know more about the life as a consultant, or you wish to have a sounding board for your career choices. Help is just a message away.

Emily's Coaching Package
The Case Cracker Program
Includes 5 sessions
4 case sessions + 1 fit
Covering all key case types
Additional offline materials

With this program, you would get a comprehensive uplift on your interview performance. As each individual would have somewhat different starting point and development needs, I would customise the coaching details accordingly. Nonetheless, the following outline describes how a typical program would be. 


Session 1: Growth / Market Entry

  • This first session would be a diagnose session with the candidate to assess the key development areas
  • The case itself would help candidate learn how to craft a business situation structure

Session 2: Profitability

  • In this case, candidate would practice to solve profitability problem
  • In addition, the case entails heavy data reading and economic concept

Session 3: M&A / Investment

  • This case helps candidate structure an M&A or investment related case
  • The case also touches upon some of the corporate finance concepts e.g. NPV or valuation method

Session 4: FIT interview coaching

  • In this session we will go through your answers to the typical fit questions one by one
  • I will critic your answers as an interviewer and also help you craft a better answer

Session 5: Ad-hoc session for further case improvement

  • This session has a flexible agenda which I will use to cover the specific improvement areas the candidate needs to address
  • The coaching could be on a specific topic (e.g. chart/data reading, market sizing, operation cost cutting, etc) or a particular type of case that candidate needs further practice on


Feel free to reach out to me if you have any question and we can work together to make the program fits you the best. 

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July 01, 2021 by N

Emily is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the consulting industry. Her feedbacks are very constructive and she will guide you to focus on the most important issues to address in your performance (again you are speaking with someone who is experienced in assessing and interviewing candidates at MBB). She is highly supportive throughout the process and generous with her time and advice as well.

100% recommend getting coaching from Emily. Best to work on the full package offered (or at least 2-3 sessions) so that she can assess/monitor your progress and give guidance on how to develop further along the process.

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August 07, 2021 by Sarviin
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September 18, 2020 by Anurag
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