Ex M&A banker and Consultant at JP Morgan and Oliver Wyman
Gorillas, Atida, Oliver Wyman, JP Morgan
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Manager at Oliver Wyman involved in Recruitment
Hundreds of case interviews conducted
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I am an ex-Oliver Wyman consultant. Before working at Oliver Wyman, I worked as Investment Banker at JP Morgan and Rothschild. During my time at Oliver Wyman, I was part of the core recruitment team involved in selecting the candidates to interview. In addition, I interviewed candidates for both fit and case interviews. During my time at Oliver Wyman, I supported many candidates to do their best possible case interview. My aim is to continue doing this through the PrepLounge platform. 

Given my M&A background, I have also done an Executive Master in M&A and Valuation, to fully hone my M&A skills and investor mindset.


  • Pre-case interview preperation! 
    • I will ask you to share your current situation to tailor the interview to your needs: your background, companies you are applying/interviewing, preperation history, self assessment
  • Case session
    • ​Full session with no time constraints until you feel comfortable with the result
    • Mock interview with comprehensive feedback (matched to actual assessment criteria used by the largest strategy consultancy firms
    • Roadmap for your next steps and Q&A
  • Post case interview
    • Will be available to answer any additonal questions that you might still have.
    • Can share case materials that I have collected


As a consultant, you initially work as all-rounder in different industries and on different project. I can therefore support on all types of cases.

However, my ambition is to especially support people that have difficulty with the quantititative finance related cases given my own expertise on this topic.

  • Worked as Investment Banker at JP Morgan before becoming a consultant
  • Primarily focused on commercial due diligences, post-merger integration and post-acquisition strategy work for financial sponsors at Oliver Wyman
  • Participant in 1.5 year part-time Executive Master in M&A and Valuation program to further improve my subject matter skills

My ambition is to include the key "investor mentality" elements in to any case. This way you will always use a fact-based evaluation of any opportunity to determine whether you will invest or not in a company or project.

I will teach you all key elements to determine whether you should take a decision or not with different valuation techniques (DCF, Multiples) and other investment assessment criteria (NPV, IRR, ROIC)




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