Experienced Consulting and Energy Industry Professional
OMV AG, Maersk Oil, BCG
Austria (UTC +2)
$149 / hour
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My professional strengths lie at the intersection between financials and strategy with the ability to cover broad industry ranges but with a special focus on Energy and Oil & Gas.

I enjoy using self-designed cases and materials but also leverage the PrepLounge platform-cases and other materials.

I can provide a tailored program for each session if requested, but tend to prefer a Test-Teach-Test method for first engagements.

Phase 1) TEST - Provide a mini-interview with fit and case portions where I can evaluate the student and garner first impressions  

Phase 2) TEACH - Offer feedback specific to areas of improvement in both sections

Phase 3) TEST - Student gets a chance to practice and immediately improve on their focus areas in a more tailored and longer-form interview

Subsequent sessions can have the potential for more value-adding feedback as I get more acquainted with each student's specific strengths and blind-spots. 


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