Current Bain Consultant (Industry Hire), Ex-McKinsey, MIT PhD grad
Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company
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Get expert advice to ace your interviews in 10 sessions or less! I have had offers from all the MBBs and know what they look for and how to pass all interview stages. In our first session, I will work with you to identify your weaknesses and develop a plan to overcome each in the right order.

My experience is particularly relevant for industry hires and advanced degree holders (I am both), but since I also interview MBA candidates and recent undergraduates, everyone is welcome! 

About me

I started my consulting journey in 2011 with McKinsey, where I actually failed the first interview but was given a second chance. I ended up spending 1.5 years there, then went to grad school to get my masters and PhD at MIT. Then worked in my own company for a year before joining Bain in July 2018 (had offers from the other firms as well). I have helped >10 people get offers this year alone!


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