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Deniz Ahmet


Current BCG consultant and case interview coach in University of Cambridge - here to get you an offer from any consulting company!

  • BCG, A.T. Kearney
  • English
  • Turkey
  • $109 / hour
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Top skills

  • Behavioural feedback (something that most candidates neglect)
  • Following a framework that fits any case interview
  • Market sizing

My approach

My credentials:

- I am currently working as a consultant in BCG Istanbul & Dubai offices, with +2 years of experience

- I have prepared +50 candidates in University of Cambridge with some receiving MBB offers!

- I have solved +300 cases while preparing for interviews before joining BCG, and solved +30 real life cases. Trust me, I know all kinds of questions!

How I can help you:

Based on my experience, one needs to crack three things to get an offer from top consulting firms:

1. Cases, cases, cases: It is all about getting familiar with all types of case interview questions AND sectors. Consulting companies do not typically go beyond three main case interview types:

- Market sizing (e.g. max revenue estimation for a specific product/service)

- Profitability (e.g. price, volume, cost changes)

- Business situations (e.g. market entry, introducing new products, responding to competition, responding to demand change, M&A)

While cracking the interview types, it is also essential to be familiar with certain aspects (e.g. revenue streams, main products, consumer behaviour, logistics) of main sectors (e.g. banking, insurance, consumer goods, energy, TMT).

I can certainly help you practice the most tricky and most common cases, based on +330 cases I have solved and custom made cases I have prepared based on my project experience in BCG.

2. Behaviour, behaviour, behaviour: Having the "consultant-ready" attitude is a must in order receive offers from top consulting firms. The interviewers will be looking into understanding how ready you are to represent the company in front of a client. I have seen many times applicants fail to get an offer eventhough they crack the cases. 

Having solved +30 real life cases (including 9 cases with BCG alone), I can give you the top tips to convey that you are ready to start working for them!

3. Relevance, ambition and differentiation: Before the case interviews, interviewers would like to get to know you better. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to highlight three things:

-Relevance: I will work with you, and help you highlight why consulting is the right fit for you, and more importantly why you are the right fit for consulting. While this sounds straight forward, trust me it is not. I will share with you what really is consulting, and how we can thrive in this dimension.

-Ambition: Interviewers place high importance in seeing the passion in you! I will make sure that this is being conveyed to the interviewer - with right level of ambition :)

-Differentiation: Yes, you are invited for an interview, but so are the other 10 candidates for the same job. I will make sure that you higlight what makes you different from other candidates!

To conclude, I will be more than happy to be part of your journey and will make sure that we maximize our chances to get the offer you deserve! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Deniz Ahmet


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University of Cambridge, University of Warwick

Business Administration, Economics

Professional Experience

2015 - now
A.T. Kearney
Business Analyst
2014 - 2015


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