Why TKMC vs MBB?

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Anonymous A asked on Feb 20, 2019


Why did you choose TKMC? What are the advantages to other consultung firms like MBB?

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Claas replied on Feb 20, 2019


To me, there are two main advantages of TKMC compared to external consultancies. First, the way we interact with our clients who are our colleagues at the same time and second, the role we play in the transformation of thyssenkrupp’s diverse and global businesses.

In general, we can build on very trustful relationships with our clients since we are working towards the same goals, which makes our daily work as consultants much easier. We have a strong focus on client enablement and think long-term. Similar to external consultancies, we are able to bring in an objective perspective but at the same time, we possess strong knowledge about tk’s businesses and markets. Besides working on projects, we are organized in competence groups and take the role of a thought leader within tk.

From a consultant perspective, another advantage is the strong network we build within tk over the course of our projects. Many of our alumni colleagues have developed into line positions after their time at TKMC.

Another advantage I see compared to external consultancies is the opportunity to have a certain industry focus while still doing projects in a wide variety of businesses at tk. As TKMC, we are doing projects in all areas of tk, which allows us to gain project experience from automotive components to elevators to core plant businesses.

Our projects are part of tk’s transformation from a traditional industrial player towards an innovative technology corporation. Currently, we are in the midst of exciting times with the steel joint venture and the upcoming split of tk into the Materials and Industrials businesses, in which TKMC is also heavily involved.

Another plus is the fact that tk is truly a global player, which is also reflected in TKMC’s project landscape. Currently, we are working on international projects in the US, Hungary, Dubai, and Australia.

I personally got to know TKMC during a two-day recruiting event and was quickly convinced by the combination of high working standards and professionalism together with a down-to-earth attitude and a very pleasant spirit within the whole team.

I hope that answers your question.



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Philip on Mar 06, 2019

Thanks for that detailed answer! Appreciate it!