What is the interview process like during covid19?

New answer on Apr 21, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Apr 20, 2020

Dear ECON team

Thank you for answering questions, this is very helpful! I was wondering how covid19 effects the interview process in consulting. How many rounds are there and how does it work overall?

Looking forward to your answer!

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Anna-Lena replied on Apr 21, 2020
E.ON Inhouse Consulting

Dear Preplounge user,

thanks for your question.

We have switched from our in-person assessment center to fully digital interviews as soon as home office was kicked off for all our employees. Almost every Friday, we conduct our Online Recruiting Day consisting of two to three case based interviews where candidates will even directly receive an offer in case of success.

Our Recruiting Team helps candidates to be technically set up for success and conducts detailed briefing calls prior to the online assessment with helpful tips and tricks so that (almost) nothing can go wrong :)

Best, Anna-Lena

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Anonymous A on Apr 21, 2020

Dear Anna-Lena, thank you for your answer! Could you explain a bit further your online recruiting day? How long does it take and with how many people does one talk?

updated an answer on Apr 21, 2020
Looking to practice for McKinsey

Honestly, I do not think covid change the hiring rate of large consulting companies but could definitely impact smaller firms. As long as the company in question has a secure network and the capability to work with clients remotely they will keep working and will hire people.
To me, the interview process isn't that different. Companies have the same number of interviews they are just arranged remotely through Zoom.

For cases with multiple exhibits can get a little difficult. The interviewer has to share their screen with you and this can get awkward as you flipping through exhibits to reference a previous trend when solving another problem or answering a question. That was my biggest issue. I recommend copying exhibits down so you have that info in your notes.

Additionally, I found it more difficult to connect with people and had to remind myself to focus on the camera, not the screen and be mindful of my posture. Make sure to prop your camera up to eye-level so that people have a good view of you. Also, test your wifi and lighting in advance with a friend.

Hope this helps!


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