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What do you think about Arthur D. Little reputation?

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Anonymous A asked on Jul 01, 2018


Does anyone have experience working at ADL and can relate to the reputation of the consultancy? How the consultancy its percieved overall reputation wise etc.

Thanks for your help

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Anonymous C updated the answer on Jul 01, 2018

Based on my past first-hand experience, my perception is:

  • People: Mostly people who either didn't make it to a first tier consultancy or are coming from there and didn't like the competitive culture
  • Projects:
    • Lots of interesting pure strategy projects, such as business model development & innovation, 5-year strategy plans, ... obviouly also your fair share of rather mundane PMO-heavy projects
    • Due to the relatitvely small size, however, you'll never do sth like a company-wide 5-year strategy for a DAX company
  • Outlook: Growing super fast, especially in Germany. Particularly strong in Energy and TIME

My advice, if you don't just care about the brand and you don't mind the somewhat limited industry scope, have a look into it. Since it's not as competitive as MBB and growing very fast, one might even argue that you could make a faster career there.


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Anonymous A updated the answer on Jul 02, 2018


Here' the German perspective regarding reputation:

Tier 1: MBB, no difference to the US. But definitely not untouchable. The market is pretty competitive and in many topics they get their asses kicked.

Upper-Tier 2: Roland Berger and OW. Berger for sure, good old fashioned (u gotta have to like the culture, I think they're the company with the highest amount of arrogant people) German company. Strong footprint in Western Europe. Really strong in China, too (automotive, and they're sort of the #1 for all the German manufacturers). Anyways, they play no role anywhere else. OW is pushing like hell since 3-4 years. Spending a shitload of EU's on recruiting. Legit player in the market, but not that agressively growing anymore. Many buyside mandates!

Mid-Tier 2: Arthur D. Little, A.T. Kearney, Booz. AD is doing a good job over here. ATK and Booz are legit, too, but not comparable to MBB, Berger, OW in terms of reputation etc. Nobody outside of consulting even knows that they exist.


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