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What do exit options look like in Middle East specifically in UAE/Qatar?

Anonymous A asked on May 02, 2019 - 2 answers

What are some positions in industry or PE that consultants (EM or above) generally exit into in the Middle East? Do roles in industry generally involve huge pay cuts?

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replied on May 02, 2019
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I know the exits in PE funds and family offices. The salary was pretty decent. All EMs - it's hard to make an exit from the above without a cut


replied on Oct 02, 2019
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Hey A,

it's a pretty broad question.

I would differentiate between 2 groups:

  • "Global nomads" would leave the region and move either to their home country or another place with great opportunities (i.e. China, Singapore, Panama, etc.)
  • Those who want to settle down in the region, move pretty often to big Western corporations (i.e. Siemens, GE, Ericson, etc.), local or international Banks, Investment Funds, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Government,etc.

Your exit option pretty much depends on 3 factors:

  1. your previous experience
  2. opportunistic options coming from headhunters
  3. your private preferences in terms of location

I helped many ex-consultant to find and get their suitable exit option, while improving their life-work balance without a compromise on the living standard.

If you need any advice on how to make a great exit, please send me a PM.

Good Luck!