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Victor Cheng - Is LOMS worth it?

Adam asked on May 07, 2018 - 6 answers

I'd like to get an opinion from those outside of Victor's website. Anybody have any experience with the LOMS program? I am at the beginning of my case prep, have read a couple of books, went through 5 cases on my own, and starting live prep through this site. Would you all recommend LOMS? Anybody care to split the cost? Thanks guys!

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replied on May 09, 2018
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LOMS is an excellent resource, but should not be taken as gospel. Quite a lot has changed in cases since Victor Cheng was a consultant so if you can't rely entirely on it.

In terms of actual content, LOMS doesn't add much on top of Victor Cheng's book (Case interview secrets). However, it lets you witness both mistakes and best practices, which is very helpful.

Part of why LOMS is helpful is it lets you prepare for cases on the go - you can listen to it on the bus/train, for example, making your time more productive.

Vlad replied on May 07, 2018
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I think LOMS program is very good. But same as the other V.Cheng Materials you should approach it in a certain way:

  1. Listen to it once
  2. Do 10 cases with partners / coaches
  3. Listen again
  4. Do 10 more cases
  5. ...

The problem is that LOMS has a lot of great concepts, but you can't absorb them all at once / can't absorb until you reach a certain level of knowlesge


Anonymous B replied on May 07, 2018

I don't think you're allowed to split the cost on the program but anyway I think you're better off using preplounge for your prep. Live practice case interviews with other candidates seems much more useful than watching a bunch of videos or recordings of them. if you're gonna spend money, I'd use it for coaching sessions here or even the P4S program if you want to get the best training. I'm in my second week and couldn't recommend it more! The material is better than any books I've read and the feedback you get from the coaches is every cent worth it!

Anonymous A replied on May 07, 2018

Hey mate, just drop me a message and I'll share you the materials

Guennael replied on Jun 09, 2018
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LOMS is what got me into MBB. 5 BCG friends of mine who all gave me a case before and a case after agreed: I wasn't making process before I got that product, but became a new person after

You still need to put it in practice though. I listened to LOMS 3 times in repeat, and by the end knew the candidates' answers before they said them. Yet I also kept practicing my math skills, and kept doing mock live interviews as well

PS: Splitting the cost... isn't ethical - and probably not legal either.

Misha replied on Aug 24, 2018

Hi are you still looking to split costs? Because i am interested!