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Svenja asked on Nov 25, 2021

What was your favorite team event so far?

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Ksenia updated an answer on Nov 25, 2021

Hi Svenja,

This is a tough one. I will probably start by saying that at DHL Consulting, we have a dedicated CPO team (as in ‘Chief Party Officer’) responsible for the organization of all of our events :)

Just to give you a few examples:

1. Strategy Workshop: This is a yearly multi-day event where we discuss our Strategy and, of course, socialize. We pick a new location each year. For example, in pre-COVID times, we went to Mallorca, Munich (Oktoberfest), Italy etc. I think the Mallorca Strategy Workshop is the closest to my heart as this was the first big event I attended when I joined DHL Consulting. It was beyond amazing! We had a lot of really interesting workshops to learn more about our strategy but we of course had done other cool things, as e.g. driving around the islands in convertible jeeps solving a quest, having a dinner/party at one of the beautiful fincas, planting olive trees, partying at the pool and many many more.

But we also have other events:

2. Christmas, Carnival and Summer parties: These are also regular events we celebrate each year. Every time in a different venue.

3. We also have regular team events to celebrate good work on the project (approx. every 4 months). The activities can include fine dining, bowling, laser tag, escape room etc. 

4. Running dinner: This is another great thing we do. All our colleagues split into groups and cook a specific course and we then visit each other's places to have the full set. It goes without saying that we have one large party after :)

5. Every Friday, we get together in the office after work to celebrate the end of the week, often followed by dinner in a restaurant.

As I mentioned, these are just some of the examples. Other things we do together is celebrate birthdays, promotions, return from parental leave, sabbatical etc. 

It definitely does not get boring! :)

Best regards,



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Pia replied on Nov 25, 2021
HR Business Partner

Uh, that's difficult because they are usually all great! We have an internal events teams that's extremely dedicated to create great events and who do a great job to keep the agenda a secret - so it's often a surprise :)

One of my favourite events was last year's christmas party, where we had a ginger bread house challange and I was overwhelmed by the creativity everyone put into their result. The winner, which always gets a picture on our hall of fame in the office, designed a space-ship like house. What I also loved was to spend relaxed time with the team, have fun, some drinks - and, that even though we had to do it online - there was a great spirit of togetherness and closeness :) 

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Anne on Nov 25, 2021

Not to forget our two days Offsite this summer - even in person, under strict Corona rules of course. There we had several team challenges and constructed an actual small rocket :-)

Claudine replied on Nov 25, 2021
Business Consultant

Hello Svenja,

team events are indeed very important to bring the team together, socialize and network. We have a variety of different formats, ranging from project internal dinners to after works at the office and virtual events. My favourite event so far however was a european-wide academy for my service line which was organized in our Paris office. We came together for two days, organized creative workshops, had inspirational talks by industry leaders and an amazing party in the evening. 

Kind regards,

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