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Switch from small consultancy to tier2 consultancy (Accenture, bearing point, pwc; excluding MBB) - what working hours to expect?

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Anonymous A asked on Jun 25, 2017

Hi guys and girls!

For about a year I have been working in a small consultancy. I had offers from top tier firms but due to personal reasons I chose against them. Now I would like to make the switch. I think I have good chances still (excluding MBB), now that I also gained some more specific experience.

However, I am wondering how my work day will change, regarding work hours mostly. At the moment I work about 55 hours per week. Does anybody know how much more or how much in general I can expect to work for consulting firms like Accenture, bp, pwc (in Germany)?

Thanks in advance!

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updated an answer on Jun 26, 2017
Ex Accenture Strategy, passed 100+ case interviews. Let's get you that job offer!

Dear Anonymous,

I'm sure you already now that, but the thing about consulting is that :

From one assignment to another working hours can change widely. That is explained by the fact that with different clients, teams, projects content, your workload can be highly variable.

Now for the French market, you can expect an average of 60 hours a week within the strategy practice of a Tier Two consulting firm with regular peaks to 65/70 hours.

Again, this is only an average from discussions with tens of consultants from these companies to give you an idea of what it is going to look like.

Best of luck for your next move.




Anonymous replied on Jun 26, 2017


In all honesty it will probably be the same unless you choose Strategy Consulting in which case hours range between 12-16hrs a day.

On average you have your busy periods and down times as I am sure you are aware of, small consultancies work the same way but you should not be doing more hours than what you are used to.

Hope this helps!


Anas on Jun 28, 2017

Dear Victoria, I would respectfully disagree with your first statement. Since the tier 2 consulting firm have lower fees, they tend to appoint bigger teams and tackle longer term projects which usually means less working hours for consultants. However, your second statement is accurate: there will be busy periods and down times.


Anas gave the best answer


Ex Accenture Strategy, passed 100+ case interviews. Let's get you that job offer!
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