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Alex asked on Jul 12, 2019

Hi all,

Currently i am working as financial analyst at P&G and got an offer from Accenture as "Analyst". And currently interviewing with Mckinsey and BCG, if neither of them works out, should i keep working at P&G or better switch to Accenture? Or where should i go? I am a little bit tired of working at P&G, but don't know is there anything out there what is better?

Friend of mine who worked at Mckinsey, told me to not apply for BIG 4, because it's basically dead end unless i get top MBA for MBB.

What will increase my chances for the future application to MBB?

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replied on Jul 13, 2019
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Hi Alex,

I agree with Vlad that it really depends on your goals.

If your goal is to end in MBB (which is usually not a final go unless you want to become a partner and stick to that – most of the consultants stay 2-3 years and then move to something else), then your best option if you don’t land an MBB offer now is to go for a second-tier strategy consulting firm (eg ATK, OW, Strategy&, RB). After 1-2 years there, you could then reapply for MBB. Alternatively, you could try to move to a strategy role in a major brand, do an MBA and then apply for MBB after that.

Accenture is not considered a second tier strategy consulting company, and joining it will make more difficult to move to MBB compared to a second tier.

Hope this helps,


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replied on Jul 12, 2019
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Similar to cases it starts with your objective:)

  • If your objective is working in Finance - P&G is a good start. However, the best CFOs usually have an investment banking background (especially if you plan to lead finance in a company raising money on the road to its IPO)
  • If the objective is consulting - go for MBB and Accenture
  • If you are still not sure - consulting is the best way to spend your time


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Alex on Jul 12, 2019
Vlad, hi! thanks for reply! My goal is to break into MBB, what should i do? Stay at P&G or Accenture or Big 4?
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