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Tupac Shakur asked on Aug 14, 2019 - 2 answers


I have an interview with for an internship with singular (strategy consulting, Johannesburg offices). I only have experience with Investment Banking (M&A).

How should I start with prep? Should I directly go to the cases?

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Anonymous A replied on Aug 15, 2019

I can tell you which were some of the cases from last year's recruiting process:

1º Price football tickets for an Southafrican team (You had to price them and create an strategy that would fit in the country, you must know the special situation of Southafrica for this one)

2º Price a factory (for a selling purpose) which creates an unlimited supply of milk (Understand the market and go for a DCF)

3º Market sizing of tombs in Slovenia (Pretty standalone, just getting to a number, not much explanation)

Then there are like 10 mins of fit part in each interview

Overall its a simple process, but you will be challenged by interviewers that are not consultants, but rather clients of the firm (I had a Russian interviewer) and there are some brainteasers too.

*** BTW: There's usually a GMAT test over skype as a screening process

replied on Aug 15, 2019
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Undoubtedly cases are the major part of your interviews in consulting, but they are not the only part.

Before practicing for cases, I would want to be sure to be able to talk about my CV with confidence, justify any possible discrepancy and be able to answer confidently to every question on it or on my previous experiences (e.g., a situation where you showed leadership, which are your weakness points, ... )

After that I would want to be sure on how interview works (e.g., ask time to think, write everything, walk the interviewer through my structure to solve the case, ...)

And then jump wildely into cases resolution ;)

Hope you’ll find it useful!

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