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Anonymous A asked on May 23, 2021

Dear community,

I was seeking some feedback as to whether or not I should list my current startup on my resume. I hypothesize that it will be beneficial for MBB consulting firms, and non-beneficial for other firms (including industry). Does anyone have experience which proves/disproves this? Please share your thoughts.

Thank you!

on May 24, 2021
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on May 24, 2021
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Hi there,

I don’t see issues in adding a startup experience independently on the receiving company – it can show desirable characteristics for every employer (teamwork, drive, problem solving, etc).

In terms of consulting, many of the employees of my previous startup moved to consulting later on and the experience itself was beneficial for the initial screening.

Hope this helps,


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Anonymous A on May 23, 2021
Thank you. That makes sense.
Anonymous A on May 23, 2021
Is there a specific way you would frame it during a job interview to ensure to the interviewer that it wont interfere with daily job responsibilities?
Hi there, you mean you would like to continue with the startup while working? For consulting it won’t probably be possible and I guess they will assume you will stop the activity or relegate to minimum amount per week (eg 1h hour) in case it is compatible. If they ask you can clarify that. Hope this helps

Hey there,

Definitely add it to the resume.

Having entrepreneurial experience is only beneficial for consulting and MBB recruiters are actively looking for people like you. People like you are hard to find since most people that build something themselves don't end up consulting someone else :-)

Hence, you should definitely showcase this. Expect some questions during the interview process though (e.g., why do you want to leave your startup? is it not going well?)



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As long as you have a good story to tell about the future of the start-up & why Consulting is the right next move for you. You cant run the start-up and work full-time in a Consulting company- thats at least my understanding in most countries.

But putting it on CV can be powerful as Consulting firms do weight entrepreneurial skills.

All the best.

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I don´t see any issue to be honest, could you detail why you believe this could be detrimental for non-consulting companies?



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Hi there,

Yes, I think you should put this on your resume. I actually think you should include it regardless of where you are applying (even industry).

In term of framing it, I would include it either in Work Experience or Extracirricular activies. It should be setup like any job (i.e. company name plus your title). Then the work experience bullets should describe the main roles/responsibilities you have and what you did to set it up.

In terms of the interview, you absolutely have to flag that the company would be run by someone else if you take this job. MBB will not be happy if you continue a side-company while working there. You need to make it very clear that MBB is your priority and your startup is not.

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