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Reputation Perspective - Arthur D Little reputation in the consulting circle


Hi All, Can experts kindly eleborate on the reputation of Arthur D Little in the consulting circle? Hows ADL viewed from MBB side in the context of reputation? Prestegious/well-respected/Tier2 etc.? ADL advertises on its website that they reviewe more than 20K resumes per year and on average has an acceptance rate of just 1% (1 hire per 100 CVs etc.). This looks pretty competetive - Can anybody shed some light on this fact and competetiveness etc.? I have recieved an offer and I am thinking of if accepting the offer and having it on my resume will boost my career progression etc. Cheers, Charles

Francesco replied on 07/04/2018
Ex BCG | MBB Specialist | #1 Expert for coaching sessions (1400+) and recommendation rate (100%)

Hi Charles,

as for my experience in Southern Europe (situation in other geographies may be different):

  • Reputation is good enough to migrate to second tier and also some MBB (easier Bain, more difficult McK and BCG) after some experience
  • I would consider it more a third tier than a second one (which is mainly related to OW, ATK, RB, Strategy&)
  • Impact on your CV depends on your opportunity cost – which would be the alternative you could choose if you reject the offer?

I would recommend checking on LinkedIn which was the career path of former ADL consultants to make an accurate decision for your geography.