Reapplying to MBB (Should I apply the first time, if I have very low chances?)

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Anonymous A asked on Jul 03, 2021

Absolutely new to the consulting world and only found out about case interviews a month ago. I have been studying but don't have much time because of my current job. (Which I really want to get out of asap)

I am looking to change jobs within the next 3 months, and know I have very low chances for MBB but still want to apply / give it a go anyway to see the process, tests and case interviews. Is this a bad idea? I don't plan to apply within the next 2-3 years.

How much will this effect my second try? For example, if I completely bomb the imbellus test.

My plan is to get into a lower tier consulting firm, probably one without case interviews, and gain experience through that, while hopefully brushing up my case interview skills in the next few years and trying again. Or, would it be a better idea to just hold off completely?

This is for the digital/tech consulting positions by the way.


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updated an answer on Jul 03, 2021
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There is a big difference in applying to MBB because you really want to get in and have read up on it and prepared for a while vs applying to run away from a job you do not enjoy. It is completely fine not to enjoy a job, we have all been there but you have to be a lot more practical about your application process. There are many steps to securing a consulting offer

  • Networking with senior consultants to get a referral. It is extremely difficult to get an interview without this
  • Preparing your resume and cover letter
  • Preparing for case and PEI interviews - depending on your current preparation level this could take 4-12 weeks. It would also require a lot of energy and time outside of what seems like a fairly demanding job
    • Includes solo prep
    • Maybe a few coaching sessions
    • Ideally preparation with your peers going through the same process
  • Doing multiple rounds of interviews

As you can see this is not a simple decision - you are committing to a lot (time, energy and money) and to do so you need to do things the right way to be successful. By all means apply but not to escape unhappiness at your current job.



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replied on Jul 04, 2021
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Hi there,

To be honest I don't completely understand your situation. You want to apply for jobs in the next 3 months, but then also don't plan to apply within the next 2-3 years? And then you want to do a lower tier consulting firm without case interviews because you won't be ready for cases or you want a "step up" in your application?

What I can tell you is, it generally takes 2-3 months to prepare for case interviews. I can also tell you there aren't many consulting firms that don't case. Additionally, an application now should not affect things in 2-3 years, but if you make a bad impression or won't prepare adequately for cases now, there's no point in trying right now.

Hope this helps!

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replied on Jul 03, 2021
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I think you need clarity first as I sense a lot of hesitation reading your question. If you are convinced Consuting is the right next move for you, make a plan and plunge in. Dont have the handbrake on. Go for it. 

Why apply when you know you are not ready. Whats the point? You can apply to some low risk options (tier 3 for example) to get some match practice. So be clever about this.

For preparation advice, please search the Q&A forum as there is tons of discussion on this subject.

Have a look at this article I have recently published which will give you a lot of tips/tricks and guidance:

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replied on Jul 03, 2021
Ex-McKinsey final round interviewer | Executive Coach

Never hurts to try - it won't negatively affect your future chances. Having said that, I feel you will gain more by networking and getting to know the firm and people. There's a chance you apply and get nothing out of it, not even a chance to take the online test. My suggestion would be to do both.

Good luck!

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Anonymous B replied on Jul 03, 2021

Do it 

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