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Anonymous A asked on Jun 21, 2019 - 2 answers

I have been thinking about how to structure a public case, but feel a little lost when it comes to a finding for a particular structure.

Thanks in advance

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Anonymous replied on Jun 21, 2019


You're struggling because a specific structure doesn't exist for a public case, just like it doesn't exist for an oil & gas case or a retail case.

Think of public/NGO cases as industries, not case types! So, figure out what type of case it is from the prompt (Vlad provides some good examples), and then the lens through which you qualify your framework will be NGO (i.e. cost breakdowns, difficulties, etc.).

A public case could be operations, market entry, profitability, etc. etc. Always clarify the organisation's main objective as it adds to the generally "pure profit" lens through which most other industries would be viewed. However, don't forget, efficiency/profitability still matters (in that running the NGO well means it can meet its objectives better)

replied on Jun 21, 2019
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These types of cases are actually pretty traditional, especially for McKinsey. The reason why people think that they are rare is that the casebooks (that are in general not a good source of cases) do not have enough of them.

Feel free to message me if you need help with these cases. I usually give a homework of 10 cases and then we go through them together.

To provide a bit of structure, there are several types of non-profit cases:

  1. Factors influencing the price (What are the factors influencing the price of oil? Factors influencing the price of real estate?)
  2. Macroeconomic cases (How will you improve life expectancy in a particular city? How will you decrease the unemployment?)
  3. Public sector non-profits (Increasing the revenues of a museum; increasing the revenues from tourism in a city)
  4. Redesigning the processes (How will you develop a new anti-monopoly regulation?)
  5. Non-profit investments (A billionaire is building a new school. What are the factors to look at?)

One particular piece of advice - don't forget to ask the clarifying questions:

  1. Could you please clarify the model / business model? E.g. if a billionaire is building a new school, is it a school for talented kids, rich kids or mass segment? Is it going to generate revenues?
  2. What are the main criteria for success? Is it NPV, ROI, share talented kids entering the top Universities?