Preparing for AlixPartners; any materials / guidance on preparing for the case interviews?

AlixPartners Case Interview written case
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Rahul asked on Sep 01, 2019
Preparing for McKinsey Interview

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Anonymous replied on Sep 19, 2019

Hi Ree,

I had an interview with AlixPartners Dubai Office. However, I decided not to join the company, because I did not like the culture, their topics (mainly restructuring, turnarounds and financial) and their offered package (roughly 20k less than benchmark).

In order to prepare yourself in the best way, search for restructuring and financial cases. You shall need the understanding of how companies opperate and how to improve their performance, operations and processes. These type of cases could be easily found here at preplounge or online. Alternatively, you may also contact me directly if you like and I can tell you more about my interviews with them and help you with a preparation.

Hope this gives you more guidance.



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