Oliver Wyman Test

Saulius asked on Mar 09, 2016 - 4 answers
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I have got Oliver Wyman test. May you have some information or any useful material to prepare for the thest.

I would highly appreciate your help

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Anonymous A replied on Mar 10, 2016

Hi it's pretty easy and similar to GMAT, dont expect to get done with everything, take your time and make sure to get every question that you do answer right, one right one wrong and you have 0 points, theyre equally weighted, so make sure you get all the ones you answer right I've done it twice now and passed both times; first time I only answered 12 questions or so last time I think I even did 16; dont get stressed at all by time

Anonymous replied on Mar 09, 2016

Hey, also done it about a month ago. I would say the key difference is that you will need to refresh high school math in terms of equations. Unlike most tests you will need specific knowledge about diameters, volume and other geometry related topics in order to succeed.

Anonymous updated his answer on Jun 03, 2019


it depends on the geography whether or not Oliver Wyman uses a numerical reasoning test.

In Germany, there is no numerical reasoning test anymore. Nevertheless, you should obviously still do your homework when it comes to your math skills for the life interview!

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Achim replied on Mar 09, 2016

I took it around 3 weeks ago and it s quite challenging. Questions are similar to the ones on the GMAT, mainly combinatorics and probability. Good luck!