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OC&C Case Study Test

Anonymous A

Hey I have been asked to do the OC&C case study test (which is designed to test your quantitative, commercial and teamwork skills) but what is it like - there's not much information online.


replied on 02/06/2018
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The 'case study' is a type of interview, not a specific question. So the list of potential questions is endless. In order to prepare for this you have to understand and learn how to do case studies.

There are often numerous different correct answers to a case study, and at this level they do not expect you to solve their problem (as they are often real problems that the consultancies are dealing with or have in the past), as otherwise you would be interviewing for a Partner position. Instead, the interviewer would like to understand how you structure your thoughts, approach new problems, etc.

If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to contact me.



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