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Anonymous A asked on Oct 28, 2020

Not a question but some feedback. I have noticed a new layout being rolled out on some of the pages of the website. While it looks "nice", it really seems like it's not ready for roll out. For example: on the meeting dashboard I don't seem to be able to visit members' profile to decide if I want to accept their proposal or not. On the case library, the cases are now snapped to the right half of the screen which is just uncomfortable to scroll through.

You charge a lot of money for the service so at least try to test your features before you roll them out. And I won't even get started on the buggy meeting interface.

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replied on Oct 29, 2020
PrepLounge Head of Product & Marketing

Hi there,

Thank you very much for your feedback! We highly appreciate it, since this helps us to improve our platform.

As Robert has already mentioned, we are currently testing a new design with the goal to enhance your user experience and the usability on mobile and tablet devices. We regret to hear that you are not happy with the changes we made.

Regarding your points:

  • On the Meeting Board, you should be able to visit each member's profile by clicking on the profile picture. Could you verify if this works for you?
  • We will take your suggestion concerning the Case Library into consideration and continue to improve the layout.

We would love to hear more feedback, especially concerning the meeting interface that you mentioned. Please send me a message or an email to our team via . Thanks!



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replied on Oct 28, 2020
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You should write the PrepL administrators (Astrid or Christine) and let them know, I am sure they would appreciate the feedback from users.



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replied on Oct 29, 2020
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Hi Anonymous,

You are right, a major (also technical) re-design is currently going on in order to enhance user experience, especially on mobile devices. It's done via A/B testing, so it won't be visible for all users at this stage.

However, some features might not yet fully work in all constellations (device, browser, ...) - I guess PrepLounge will appreciate a lot if you can give such targeted feedback. Probably using the questions/feedback feature is the best way to drop them a note directly!

Hope this helps - if so, please give it a thumbs-up with the upvote button below!


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