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Anonymous A asked on Jul 06, 2021

Hello everyone, 

Last year I had applied for the Mckinsey BA position but got rejected (without referral). This year I have a referral (Engagement Manager) and going to apply for the Junior Associate position as I have more than 2 years of experience and I had a chat with the recruiter and she told me I should apply for the JA position. 

I had passed the CV screening at Bain and BCG last year but did not pass the CV screening at Mckinsey. However, the EM who is going to refer me told me that my CV is great and asks me to let her know when the JA position is opened in her office. However, the same CV got rejected last year by Mckinsey. 

I am not sure what to do. Should I go with the same CV or should I make some changes and then send her again. Also, how powerful the EM is in the hierarchy. Should I network with partners and asked them to refer instead of EM?

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replied on Jul 07, 2021
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Hey there,

Whenever you (re)-apply after a failed application (screening, aptitude test, or interviews) you need to make sure to show significant development in your resume since your rejection. Assuming you want to be hired straight out of university this means

  • New academic achievements (e.g., new degree, top of class achievements,...)
  • Experience abroad (career or university)
  • New job experience (internships, working student, project assistant,...)
  • New extracurriculars (leadership experience, NGOs, student clubs,....)

Usually, you are banned between 12 and 24 months from re-applying. Referrals can help both

  • shorten that time
  • increase your chances for a new invitation to the interviews

Now, if you have both

  • an improved resume
  • a referral from an EM

it should work out this time. Fingers crossed!



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replied on Jul 06, 2021
Ex-McKinsey final round interviewer | Executive Coach

If you are getting interivew invitations from BCG and Bain for the same CV then I would assume it is good enough. Since the McKinsey recruiter will know that you applied last year, I would encourage you to make some updates so that it comes across as a "stronger" CV. 

An EM referral is great, particularly if they are activeliy part of recruiting where the recruiters will value their judgegement. If not, a partner is always marginally better but as you can tell from this forum, referrals are not unusual where it only ensures your CV gets meaingful reading time.

Good luck!

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replied on Jul 07, 2021
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Hi there,

If it has been a year since you last applied, I would sincerely hope that you have some updates to make to your resume! Add anything that has changed over the past year. Importantly, you want to show progress over the past year!

That said, if you got into Bain and BCG interviews earlier, then you should be perfectly safe, especially with an EM referral!

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replied on Jul 07, 2021
Top rated McKinsey Case & PEI coach/Multiple real offers/McKinsey EM in New York /6 years McKinsey recruiting experience

Typically EM referrals dont hold that much sway, however if they are active in recruiting and are willing to push your resume then you have a very good chance of being invited to interview. Especially if they said you have a good resume I would not be too concerned.



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#1 rated McKinsey Case and PEI Coach | 5 years at McKinsey | Mentorship Approach | 120+ McK offers in 18 months
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