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McKinsey Operations Practice

Anonymous A asked on Feb 16, 2017 - 3 answers

Does anyone know if the case given during case interview for a role in McKinsey operations practice is strictly related to manufacturing ops? Or Could it be anything from M&A, market entry etc.?


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replied on Feb 20, 2017
McKinsey Senior Associate and IESE MBA
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Usually you will get 2-3 interviews per round.

One of the cases will be operations focused but the rest could be anaything as you will do also interviews with generalist consultants. This means you will need to prepare all kind of case types but also focus on some OPS related cases.

Hope this helps!

It does! Thanks Xabi. Btw may I know what type of case is most popular? Profitability, market entry, new product ? — Neil on Feb 21, 2017

replied on Feb 24, 2017
McKinsey experienced hire consultant
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It is really depends on situation and on your luck i can say.
There are no strict rules here - you can face with an ops topic in all of your case interviews, but with the same probability they provide you 1, 2 or even all of the cases about operations practice.

Just realise that It is very important for them to understand how you think, analize, communicate in a not very standart situation for you. Thats why 100% that you ned to be prepared for all the topics as for generalist consultant.

Good luck!

Anonymous B replied on Feb 17, 2017

Yes, the hiring process is similar to other McK consultant positions, also outside ops practice. The cases usually cover the same topics with all McK employees, so make sure you prep for all types of cases.

Got it. Thanks! — Neil on Feb 17, 2017

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