McKinsey New Ventures Specialist

McKinsey NewVentures Specialist
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John Rainer asked on Jan 17, 2020


McKinsey asked me to interview for a data science specialist role at McKinsey New Ventures group in healthcare practice. What is New Ventures group and how does it compare to rest of McKinsey in terms of growth, exit opportunities and career trajectory? I was told that this is an expert career path. Does that mean same, better or worse than traditional McKinsey MBA consultants?

FYI: This seems to be a significant stepdown in terms of title. I was recently promoted to director at 30k+ people public company (which also means that the next promotion is ~2-3 years away at least). Don't know if taking this role of a specialist at McKinsey implies taking a step backward in career.

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replied on Jan 17, 2020
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My great friend was establishing the whole New Venture structure. Several points here:

  • You can grow to a partner - there is a track
  • The growth will be slower than in case of a generalist
  • Exit opportunities - depending on what you put in your resume - nobody can check. But obviously you are losing an option of exiting to the client

In your case, I would stick to a Director role in your company. New Venture is still at the very beginning and not as exciting as it seems


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replied on Jan 21, 2020
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In your case I would not take the offer, I agree is taking a step backwards.



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