McKinsey Cases (Viva Style Restaurants)

Alice asked on Jan 08, 2017 - 2 answers

Hi! Im looking for McKinsey Style Practice Cases. I have "Viva Style Restaurants" and "Solamere Hotels" from this series, any chance someone has more of these? Id be happy to trade with other resources I have!

Many thanks!! (Also open to do practice cases) Feel free to inbox me

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Desiree replied on Feb 02, 2017
I'm looking for people to practice cases together in English or German. Thanks in advance!

Hi Alice! I have a McKinsey case called 'Magna Health' and I'd really appreciate if we could trade. My interview at McK is next week, so I'd be very thankful for some more McKinsey cases to practice :) Let me know.

Best wishes

Hi Desiree! I am desperately looking for McKinsey cases. Would you be willing to share yours? Thank you! — Anonymous on Feb 14, 2017 (edited)

Alejandro replied on Apr 30, 2018

Hi, how could we exchange the cases?

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