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McKinsey Case Interview Experience

Levia asked on May 23, 2016 - 1 answer

Hi all,

Did anyone recently have a case interview with McKinsey (any location)?

I would love to get some insights on what kind of cases were asked, what was the overall experience like, and so on...

Hoping for some responses!


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Anonymous D replied on May 23, 2016


One of my friends had the following experience in McKinsey India a few months ago (copy pasting from the email she sent me):

Round 1 - Case Interview:

The client is a thermal power plant located in India, and is concerned with about coal procurement expenses. The client has no other plants or business interests. Explore this issue and suggest some methods to resolve any issues that you encounter.

Round 2 - Case Interview & Fit questions:

A well-known local retail bank in the Middle East is losing market share in a growing market. Its technology and service levels are as good as any of its foreign competitors. The CEO wants to know why this is happening and what else they can do.

Fit questions:

1. Tell us something about yourself.

2. Why consulting? You have work experience in logistics and supply chain - why not continue more in that direction?

3. Why McKinsey?

Round 3 - Case Interview (????)

How should India ensure that it wins the field hockey world cup in 2018?

(This was the toughest one for me and I was really confused, but managed to say something. Not sure how it went, but the first two rounds were good and so I got the offer!)

What do you think? How would you approach these cases? I am particularly curious about the third case. @Experts - your opinions are welcome!

Sorry for going anonymous, but I just want to ensure that my friend's identity is not compromised. :)

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