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Anonymous A asked on Feb 18, 2017

Can somebody tell me in how far the case interview with McK differs from other firms and how I should prepare for it? Cheers!

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Anonymous B replied on Feb 22, 2017

Well, as you hopefully know already, McKinsey case interviews are interviewer led. That means interviewers lead and go through a list of questions they will ask you about the case, controlling the pace of the interview (so they might interrupt you for example and go to the next question on the list). That is the biggest difference I would say, as most other consulting firms do candidate led cases. In my experience, McKinsey interviews are a bit tougher because the interviewer will challenge you more, but I think this is also due to the first point I mentioned. The difficult part about this is not to get too passive even though you are not leading the case. So better elaborate and get interrupted than creating moments of silence. But don't just blab on and on without saying anything insightful.

You just asked for the case interview, but FYI the PEI part of the interview is also quite unique at McK. They will ask you questions regarding one topic only, either personal impact, leadership or entrepreneurial drive. Don’t forget to prepare for this.

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