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IT Strategy Cases and Frameworks

Anonymous asked on Aug 15, 2018


I’m preparing for an interview at an IT-Strategy consultancy and read through some material on IT strategy.

When asked to draft an IT strategy I would basically work through the following steps:

  1. Examine Status Quo (Processes, Governance, Sourcing, Infrastructure, Applications, Business-IT- Alignment, financials, obvious problems etc.)
  2. Check corporate strategy for boundary conditions, mission, challenges … for IT department to derive vision/mission
  3. Come up with an application strategy (which applications should be kept, changed, replaced/abandoned)
  4. Come up with a sourcing strategy (what services should be out- / insourced and how)
  5. Draft new (or changes to) IT organization, Governance
  6. Put all necessary tasks on a roadmap (based on priorities, dependencies etc.)
  7. Establish an instrument to track progress and effectiveness of all changes

Would that be a suitable approach?

However, my actual question is if this approach can be used to cover lots of different cases in an IT-strategy interview like

  • Sourcing, e.g. Company XYZ asks you to check if outsourcing can help them to reach their goals
  • Shall company xyz move their applications to the cloud?
  • How could company XYZ reduce their (fixed) IT-costs
  • How could company XYZ benefit from digitalization opportunities
  • IT-Strategy for post-merger integration/ BU carve out

In my opinion all the steps above are required for these cases, it’s just the focus that changes. Would you agree or rather use separate, more individual frameworks for each case type?