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Is it possible to move from Tier 2 to Tier 1 consulting group ?

Anonymous A

Hi there,

I am currently working on a tier 2 consulting group (Roland Berger) and I would like to apply again for MBB.
Do you think it is feasable after 1 year in RB and how to maximize my chances to get there?



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SUHEB replied on 11/06/2017


Short Answer: YES

Roland Berger in Europe is Tier 1 firm. It has a really good prestige and I personally know people who have made transition from RB to BCG. So it's quite possible.


Francesco replied on 11/30/2017
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Hi Anonymous,

that’s definitely possible; one year should be feasible, but they may not recognize seniority for the 1 year done. To maximize your chances I would say the best thing would be the use a strong referral.