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Include GMAT in cv - cutoff

Anonymous A

I have a GMAT 650 and have not included in my cv.
Would you include it or hide it for MBBs?
Does the decision change for second tier companies?
What's the range you would put on the cv?

Thank you

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replied on 04/03/2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years

I would hide anything below 700. If English is your first language or you went to English speaking institutions I would not put anything below 730.

Hope it helps,


Vlad replied on 04/04/2018
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Agree, would not put below 700-710

650 is unfortunately too low and will not provide you any extra points no matter what the tier is


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replied on 04/04/2018


Just to complement others comments: if you’re doing an MBA check if you don’t have university specific guidelines for your case. At LBS, we have a specific cut off point. Now of other unis with such guidelines



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