I'm planning on applying to McKinsey Dubai

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Anonymous A asked on Jun 08, 2021

May someone please provide me with more details on what they are looking for in candidates? what is the GPA cut off for recent graduates applying for an analyst role? What are typical US feeder schools for McKinsey Dubai? Does anybody have any connections to people working in McKinsey's offices in Dubai? Any help would be much appreciated.

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The middle east is a fast growing region, therefore there are definitely good opportunities there! As far as schools are concerned, most of the McKinsey candidates come in general from the typical businss international schools (top 10 or 20 in the FT rankings), which is true for every McKinsey office. At the moment there is however increasing interest to diversity, for example, if you have very specific skills in some field gained from previous working experiences, the above mentioned rule might be less relevant. Regarding connections: I would suggest you to search on Linkedin some people working there with whom you have something in common (perhaps you come from the same school or same region) and then write them. You might be surprised on how much consultants can be responsive and helpful in sharing their experience, especially if they identify you as a potential good candidate and therefore potential future colleague.


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replied on Jun 09, 2021
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Hey there,

McKinsey is growing very fast globally but especially in the region so it is definitely a good time to apply at the moment.

The skills and experience they are looking for are the same as in any other office

  • Top university, grades, etc.
  • Relevant work experience
  • Extracurricular engagement
  • Time spent abroad

The GPA cut-off really depends on the school and the degree. For business schools, the GPA is usually more inflated than let's say for a specialized engineering degree and HR is usually aware of this. As in the types of schools, there are a wide variety from US Ivey league, top European and Asian business schools.

Reach out to consultants working there via Linkedin. If you are polite and friendly, most would be happy to discuss opportunities in the region.

All the best,


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replied on Jun 08, 2021
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Hi there,

They're looking for the same things, and have the same standards as the rest of McKinsey!

Overall, you need to be a strong candidate. This means, in general, you come from a top school, have a high GPA, have a good amount of experience in the business world (running teams, projects, solving business problems, etc.). Of course, it's much more about the whole package than any individual item. Feel free to send me your resume and I can tell you if you're a strong candidate or not!

In terms of getting connections, this isn't really the forum - everyone here is tryig for connections (and coaches won't just "sell" you referrals)! Rather look to network (primarily via LinkedIn) to build these connections!

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